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720° at ASHRAE’s Virtual Conference 2020

Our experts are often speaking at various industry events about their latest research. This time Samy Clinchard (Director, Innovations) was presenting the latest research paper about “Seasonality and trends in indoor air quality based on continuous monitoring” at the 4-day event Virtual Conference 2020 from ASHRAE. This conference, where experts from around the world are participating, is focused around topics on “how building and energy systems interact, while examining how buildings are becoming integrated, flexible and resilient systems to respond to climate change challenges.” Read more about the conference here.

Little is known about how indoor air quality (IAQ) varies over a long time period (several months to year); and economic as well as climatic challenges may limit possibilities to always maintain optimal and steady indoor conditions. This study utilizes continuous time series data on CO2, TVOCs, and PM2.5 collected using IoT sensors of over 2400 spaces in about 260 buildings. Stationarity, seasonal variations and trends were automatically extracted and analyzed. Applications based on those analysis are presented. Understanding the temporal variations that each individual building exhibits due to its location, design, condition, or use, can lead to more effective operation strategies. The study was conducted by Samy Clinchard, M. Sc., Salvatore della Vecchia, M.Sc., Rick Aller, Ulla Haverinen-Shaughnessy, D. Sc.

About us. 720° is a cloud based analytics solution for indoor environmental quality monitoring. We believe that health and satisfaction at work is everyone’s prerogative. Our passion is to improve people’s lives and allow organisations and building owners to offer the best working environments achievable.

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