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Be it Formula 1 or Real Estate, the Big Data Transforms our Jobs

Last few years have been incredible to the big data and analytics industry, with remarkable growth as well as recognition among enterprises. Making decisions based on data is becoming a real necessity, but it should be possible without being a data scientist.

And that is what we are all about at 720°, whether you are working in facility management, real estate, or human resources we want to deliver you the right data at the right time to make right decisions and take right actions. Helping you to become more data-driven, to be able to act for prevention on time, to evaluate objectively the situation, and to make decisions efficiently.

Personally, as a technology enthusiast and a fan of Formula 1, I find the recent evolution of the sport very inspiring and relevant also to our work. The evolution of sensors and big data completely changed the way racing is done these days. This article in Forbes magazineprovides great insight: “In last few years Formula 1 turned into a data-driven sport, hundreds of sensors are providing near to real-time data to the engineers in the technical headquarters to run simulations for optimising the performance during the race. Running simulations to predict possible outcomes of the race even before it starts, and being prepared to take corrective actions or adapt scenarios to new situations. ‘It’s about making educated decisions efficiently,’ head of technical partnerships at Infiniti Red Bull Racing. ‘And that comes from measuring the right information.’” Despite our jobs are not all about miliseconds, fast cars and roaring engines the use of the data and its power to transform our way of working is very similar.

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