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Mathematician, musician … data scientics?

Comprehension of our surrounding world has always been the ultimate quest for scientists, thinkers and anyone who might question how something actually works.

As far as the ancient Greece where the Pythagoreans started to study the mechanism of musical scales, mathematicians have always been eager to discover the secret behind musical composition. Since the physics behind sounds become more and more known, how a melody, a composition or a symphony can bloom from a musician brain still remain a fascinating research field. Nowadays, with a world becoming more and more digitized, researchers still try to break the secret behind the beauty of music by analyzing number of mathematical features extracted from the melody, the rhythms or the mix of instruments. And guess what? This is data science.

And as much as I like listening or playing music, I have a real desire to understand the world through any possible way. At 720°, I discovered how I could help people to better understand their workspace through data analysis and more importantly, how to improve people’s life. The recipe for such an incredible result? Well:
1. Take a huge amount of data from diverse source: sensors measurements, audits, users experience…
2. An expertise gained from months of research and collaboration
3. And perhaps the fundamental, an AMAZING international team with various background as coworkers

And voilà. You have the perfect workspace to grow, to show your skills, to share and to develop new methods to analyze and to improve indoor environmental quality of top companies. Being a data scientist at 720°, it is to be able to comprehend and to analyze multidimensional concepts such the indoor environment, to be creative and inventive, to be able to quickly implement a prototype for an algorithm or an idea in order to test it… Being a data scientist at 720° is like being a musician in an orchestra: you keep the rhythm, your contribution is essential and you are part of an amazing symphony!

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