Privacy policy

1 Data Controller

720 Degrees Oy
Kuortaneenkatu 2, 00510, Helsinki Finland

2 Person in Charge for Matters pertaining to this Privacy Policy

Rick Aller

3 Name of the Personal Data File

The name of the personal data file is the [“720 Degrees customer data register”].

4 Purpose of Processing Personal Data

The purpose of the processing of personal data is to manage and maintain the customer relationships between 720 Degrees and its customers. The personal data is used to identify users of the 720 ° Monitoring Solution (hereinafter “Service”)  and for the activation, execution, management and invoicing of the Service as well as for the providing of information and notifications to the customers. Furthermore, the personal data may be used for the purposes of direct marketing, provided that You have consented to this, as well as for investigation and follow up in cases of misuse.

Personal data may also be used for the planning and development of 720 Degrees’s business and services and to measure the amount of customers using the Service. In addition, 720 Degrees may use and disclose personal data contained in the data file for justifiable purposes (such as direct marketing, distance selling, other direct advertising, opinion polls or marketing research) in accordance with the Finnish Personal Data Act, the Finnish Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications (516/2004) and other applicable legislation.

5 Contents of the Data File

The personal data file contains the following information:

Customer information:

First names, last name and e-mail address, billing details, solid model data files submitted to or created within the Service, permissions and prohibitions concerning direct marketing as well as other information that You may have provided to 720 Degrees via the Service (“Customer Information”).

Other information:

Personal information provided by You to 720 Degrees by means of e-mail or an equivalent method of communication that logically relates to the Service and is stored by 720 Degrees in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Traffic data:

Your visits to the Service and Your actions and movements within the Service (time, location within the Service and IP address) as well as movements to the Service from another website and movements from the Service to another website as well as computer-specific ID (the ID of the computers on which You have logged in to the Service) and information regarding Your browser type and Your operating system (“Traffic Data”).

6 Regular Sources of Information

The personal data in this customer data register is acquired from You when You register as a user of the Service and when You update Your information or otherwise use the Service. Further, personal data is acquired from You when You contact 720 Degrees via e-mail or by another equivalent means of communication.

720 Degrees may use cookies for the purposes of acquiring personal data. In order to use the Service You need to permit the use of cookies on your web browser. Cookies are pieces of text stored on Your computer by means of the web browser You use. 720 Degrees does not however store any personal data on the cookies themselves.

7 Regular Disclosures of Personal Data

720 Degrees does not disclose personal data contained in the customer data register to third parties on a regular basis. Personal data may, however, occasionally be disclosed in accordance with the laws of Finland. Furthermore, personal data may be disclosed for research and marketing purposes (including direct marketing) provided that You have not expressly prohibited this.

720 Degrees has the right to use subcontractors in connection with the offering and execution of the Service in order to better provide the Service to You. In this context personal data may be transferred to subcontractors to the extent that this is necessary for the fulfilment of the services, such as for the storage of data on a server maintained by a third party on assignment by 720 Degrees or for the purposes of analyzing Traffic Data in order for 720 Degrees to better understand how users interact with the Service (“Subcontracting”).

720 Degrees may transfer Your personal data to its affiliates outside the EU/EEA. For the purposes of better providing the Service to You, personal data may be stored on third party servers by means of Subcontracting. This may involve the transfer of data to countries outside the EU/EEA which may not have similar laws governing the privacy and protection of personal data as those of the Member States of the EU/EEA. Such data transfers will however only be made if they are necessary for and proportionate to the performance of an agreement between You and 720 Degrees, or the performance of an agreement in Your interest between 720 Degrees and a third party.

8 Correctness of Data

720 Degrees does not verify the correctness of the personal data submitted by You. After registering with the Service, You have the right to view Your Customer Information specified above in Section 5 by logging in to the Service with Your user name and password. You may amend, complement and delete Your Customer Information either while logged in to the Service or by contacting 720 Degrees’s personnel. Traffic Data and other data than Customer Information (as specified above in Section 5) is not at Your disposal via the Service.

The data relating to the use of the Service is removed from Your identity when their storage is no longer necessary.

9 Protection of Personal Data File

You can log in to the Service only by use of a personal user name and password. The passwords related to the user names are stored in a secure form and under no circumstances are they revealed to anyone in an unencrypted form.

Only persons who need to process data when fulfilling their tasks in accordance with the purposes of this customer data register and for the purposes of performing technical maintenance, have access to the personal data file. All data contained in the customer data register are protected in accordance with general industry practice.

10 Links to Third Party Websites

The Service may contain links to third party websites. The linked websites are not under the control of 720 Degrees and 720 Degrees is not responsible for any content on such third party websites or links contained on such third party websites. Should You visit a linked website, 720 Degrees strongly suggests You to study the privacy policy and other applicable terms and conditions of the third party website in question.

11 Further information

Should You have any questions relating to this personal data file description, please contact the contact person specified in Section 2 above.