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We are joining GE Healthcare`s Health Inovation Village

We are all more than excited to join Health Innovation Village, a recently open startup space by GE Healthcare Finland. At the same time it is a farewell to the office within EIT ICT Labs, where 720° tripled in size within less than a year.

“We really appreciate support we have gotten and great time during company’s development under EIT ICT Labs, the community was incredible and cooperation with students and researches well contributed to our development. But as we grow it is time to move,” comments Tomas Novotny, CEO of 720°.

Moving into such space, an ecosystem combining corporates, mature companies and startups, has a promising potential for everyone involved as well managing director of GE Healthcare Finland Didier Deltort put it: “Exchanging ideas with the startups helps us keep on track of fresh ideas and new ways of thinking. Eventually, this benefits our customers, too.”

The Health Tech sector is quite important to Finland as well, being the largest export sector representing 47% of Finnish hi-tech exports. The official inauguration of the Healthcare Innovation Village took place in late October with guests such as Finland’s Minister of Economic Affairs Jan Vapaavuori and Helsinki’s mayor Jussi Pajunen.

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