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Why I enjoy Python, and pity anyone who doesn`t

Two years ago I first tried Python. And I never go back to Java.

Normally one language is not bad or good, just suitable for goal or not. And Python is suitable for much more things than the other languages. It may first sound a bit ambitious, but considering why Python is called as a “glue language”, then there is reason. It is objective oriented and cross-platform, and it is easy to integrate with other languages such as Java and C/C++. Python is widely used as utilization tool for C because its neatness, efficiency, and good readability. As Python has a lot of libraries which are commercially used, adding Python module is easier for implementation and more reliable on performance aspect. It has good support for computer graphics, mathematical array, data analysis and so on, and all you need to do is importing the library.

Sometimes you may also find some libraries in other languages, so why Python? Generally the more code you have, the more cost you need. The benefit of using Python is not only less time on writing code but also less time on testing. Python’s grammar is so neat that you will probably get similar code from different people for the same function. This consistency and concise make the code high scalability and re-usability. On the other hand, if you have an ancient C program, you can make it a module with some small changes, and it will work in Python. Or even simpler, there are already tools for this kind of bindings for example OpenGL, GTK, QT, or solving equations. Besides, Python is friendly for beginners. if one used shell script or DOS batch file before, the first choice for programming language will be Python. For the ones who never programed before, they can quickly learn from reading the code.

After all, the actual reason why I did not use Java is that I have being sick of typing “{};” again and again. If you feel the same, rescue yourself!

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